Artist Statement

Urban landscape, architecture and industrial spaces are the main source of my inspiration. Rather than copying what I see I use my memory, imagination and intuition to recreate a particular space.  My works are predominantly executed in traditional oil paint used in a contemporary way.Fotka - Artist Statement web

Preparation of my paintings usually starts with recording information through other media such as drawing, photography and video. This helps me understand how a particular space is constructed, how it makes me feel and what I want to say. My creative process then continues in the studio where I study all of the gathered materials and combine them with my memory, imagination and intuition. The resulting image is therefore rather abstracted version of a real location than its mere illustration. At other times my paintings may rely solely on pure abstraction based on  shapes, colours and their relationships.

In my work I experiment with mark-making, paint application and brushwork to create an interesting visual experience. I believe that beauty can be found in every scene and every painting without regard to its meaning, to its content.  Thus the body of my work ranges from beautiful and peaceful scenes to places that one may rather avoid.


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