Urbex Painting (I)

Last summer I became very interested in the fenomenon known as URBEX, i.e.  urban exploration of derelict structures that have been abandoned for a long time. Such places and buildings are typically rotting, crumbling or deteriorating in some manner, but can also be sites that are under construction or still in use.

I myself visited several of these places in order to take photos, videos and to sense the unearthly  atmosphere. There is something incredibly  alluring and eerie about the mystery that comes with deserted spaces and abandoned ghostly places. These unusal trips inspired me to make a new series of paintings. Below you can see my first painting calledDanger Zone” based on a former railway station in Prague. I enhanced the picture of the ruin by adding  my own graffiti (“Danger Zone” and “Heart”) on its walls as it seemed to me as an unsafe and uninviting place.

Danger Zone2

Danger Zone, oil on canvas, 110 x 80 cm



Acrycil colour sketch on paper

2 responses to “Urbex Painting (I)

  1. This is wonderful. I really appreciate seeing the “live” photos too to provide more comprehensive outlook of your view of the structures. Very interesting art.

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