Kladenské Dvorky Open Air Exhibition

Kladenské dvorky (The Little Yards of Kladno) is an open-air exhibition that takes place every year in Kladno (Czech Republic) since early 1980´s. Over time it became a cultural phenomenon, going well beyond the region. The exhibition is built on the enthusiasm of artists regardless of the big names or professionalism. Owners of the houses in the Podprůhon quarter open their yards to allow artists to show their work and for the public to see it.

I was privileged to display sixteen of my paintings in I dare say the most beautiful yard No. 20 (U Králů) from 8th to 9th June 2019. I selected  range of my works I had created over the past six years. Most of the paintings were urban and industrial landscapes except for one that was a portrait named “Professor” which I showed because the professor himself (my former law professor at Charles University in Prague) came to see the exhibition!




Professor with his portrait


2 responses to “Kladenské Dvorky Open Air Exhibition

  1. Thank you so much Patrick. I´ve just listened to Chasing The Clouds and it is absolutely stunning! I would be very pleased if I could get an autograph from you!

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