City of London

One of my most favourite places in London is the South Bank. It offers a beautiful panoramic view of the City over the Thames. The contrast between the old London with St. Paul´s Cathedral and modern architecture attracted my attention. This painting captures a lovely warm afternoon in the City of london.

City of London, Oil on canvas, 50cm x 100cm, © 2015 Petra Terslova

??????????????See my work in progress below:

I began on a white canvas. I sketched the composition loosely with burnt sienna, which gave the painting a worm feeling from the beginning.


Cobalt Blue with a tiny bit of red gave the sky a slightly stormy feeling.


I literally built my painting step by step by adding  different patches of colour until I felt that I reached the right amount of information.


I played with thick and thin paint.  While the thickness of the paint adds to the solidity of the buildings, the  river is expressed with thin washes of paint.

london panorama VI (3)