The Thames below Tower Bridge

The Thames Below Tower Bridge is my latest oil painting. This colourful piece took me several weeks. Finally, the work is finished and I am happy to share it with you along with several photos of my painting process.
The Thames below TB V wat

I used my sketch as well as a photo as an initial reference material. Later I stopped looking at my reference material and let my creativity go.

The Thames below TB IIThe Thames below TB VIMy initial drawing with a brush on a canvas with Burnt Umber.

The Thames below TB

The Thames below TB III

I spent a long time painting the river. At the beginning I was only looking for the light and dark shapes.  Then I gave this layer of paint a week to dry. Finally, I could add more colourful layers.The Thames below TB IV

Finished painting: The Thames Below The Tower Bridge, oil on canvas, © 2015 Petra TerslovaThe Thames below TB V wat

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