Sunset over the Thames

I am very happy to share with you a new piece of my London series – Sunset over the Thames. I got inspired by a wonderful photo (below) which I changed fairly to create a stronger “sunset feeling”.

Sunset over the Thames2

First of all I started with suggesting the composition. I didn´t have to make radical changes in the composition as I was quite happy with the photo itself. I only moved  the boat on the left slightly to the centre of the painting to create my focal point. Naturally the precise camera captured every detail which made  the scene rather complicated so I decided to simplify it. I just suggested the most significant shapes of the picture and did not pay too much attention to the details.  This procedure  allowed me  once again to relax and keep the painting fresh and loose.

Sunset over te Thames3

To create particular atmosphere, mood  and drama that best describes a subject or a moment I usually enrich the colours. The photo is based on my favourite colour combination – complementary colours. When placed next to each other, complementary colours make each other appear brighter and more intense. In this case the complementaries are orange and blue. This is a a promising combination for a  very strong painting.
Sunset over the Thames 4

The painting is nearly finished. However, several  parts don´t feel quite right.  I am not happy with the colour of the St. Paul´s  cathedral on the left. Some of the buildings could  be more  defined. The reflection of the boat looks weird….
Sunset over the Thames5The final version of Sunset over the Thames 🙂

Sunset over the Thames, oil on canvas, 50cm x 60cm, © Petra Terslova 2014
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