Portrait of a black man

My studies of fine art in London  give me a lot of opportunities to learn about  the human figure  and head because many models are available for my training. Recently I had a chance to paint a portrait of a very charismatic black man. The teacher  warned me that capturing the colours might be very tricky. To my surprise I  struggled less than  I did with my previous portrait of a white man. The reason was probably the fact that this model had chiselled  features.

I started with a linear drawing so that I could later focus only on the painting itself. I was very pleased with quite strong drawing that I had done. It wasn´t 100% right but it still worked.

black man

The model was illuminated with a yellowish artificial light coming strongly from the right side. The left part of the face was hidden with dark cool shadow.

Behind the man was a piece of greyish cloth which worked perfectly as a neutral background. 

black man II

Many warm colours appeared on the illuminated part of the face due to the yellowish artificial light  – especially many browns, yellows, and ochres. The other side of the face as distinct from it was cooler and darker.

Portrait of a Man II, oil on board, © 2014 Petra Terslova 

black man III water



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