London Aquarium

A recent event which proved inspiring was my visit to London Sea Life. This amazing London attraction is a place where you can watch marine  animals in the environment that is maximally adapted to their living conditions.  For me, of course, it was an irresistible impulse to make at least a few sketches…

As I observed the beautiful expositions my initial idea of making not many sketches changed into an urge to do much more work. However, it was far from an easy task because as I mentioned above the space is tailored for comfort of  sea animals not for contemplative artists:  I was freezing near the penguin pool, unlike me the fishes had enough light and, what´s more none of them were willing to pose.

God knows that it was easier to take some photos 🙂




The constantly moving fishes gave me hard time . I captured the main features of the creature above in few lines within seconds though :).




Later I experimented with a pointillist method and combined my sketches and photos and  sought to try something new with colours.  I had never done this before and I was interested what I could  achieve by optical mixing. Instead of mixing and blending the colours  themselves I tirelessly put dots with different colours and only let the human eye  mix them together.  I am sorry there is not a perfect happy ending because I intended to make the drawing  on A2 sheet of white paper and my intensive stippling was no more tireless after three hours.  So for the time being the promising work has to be patient waiting for its completion…


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