Black & White Painting

The beautiful round shapes of objects of everyday life attracted my attention this time. How would they look if I painted them  monochromatic? I decided for using only one color in different tints, shades and tones to emphasize the object.

KETTLES Oil on board 40 cm x 30 cm, © 2014 Petra Terslova

KETTLES Oil on board 40 cm x 30 cm, © 2014 Petra Terslova

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4 responses to “Black & White Painting

  1. Petra this is glorious!!! I know zip about b&w … but I’m learning and I MUST your darks and lights are spot on in this beauty!!! You make me want to reach right in and hold each of these lovely pieces. VERY well done!!!! You are so talented!!! Tweeted!!

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  2. Lovely brush work and I especially like how you handled the teapot. Sometimes I start a painting in mono or grisaille and glaze over some colours to preview… Have you tried this or do you jump straight into colours?

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  3. Thanks a lot 🙂 Yes, I´ve tried this technique. Sometimes I jump straight into colours, other times I start with a monochromatic underpainting to establish my darks and lights. I find it very helpful especially when I paint complicated scenes.


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