Swich to Oils: Still Life with Brushes

I´ve always painted in acrylics. During the time I gained experience and my skills have improved. I realized that certain effects are very hard to reach with quick drying acrylics. Therefore I decided to give a chance to oils. To my amazement oils turned to be much easier to use. Have a look at the my first oil painting ever.

I started with an easier subject matter – still life. There were not many interesting objects in the studio so I set up a still life with what I had – paints and brushes. This composition was very unstable. The ultramarine tube was not willing to stay in this position and the composition kept falling down.  Finally I managed to arrange everything as I desired.

zátiší celéblogwatermark

Usually I don´t start with charcoal drawing. However, this time I did. It helped me to fully concentrate on painting itself later.
still life with brushes I

The still life is nearly finished.  zátiší celéblogwatermark

Still life with brushes, oil on board, © Petra Terslova 2014

Still life with brushes watermark



4 responses to “Swich to Oils: Still Life with Brushes

  1. Petra, I love this!!!!!! You’ve done a truly beautiful job … I love the bright, strong color against the white and the shadows add so much depth and dimension!!!!! I used to paint in oils long ago (I’m not even sure if acrylics had been invented yet … ??? LOL!!!) … so I still romanticize about getting back into it. The smells of turpentine and linseed oil still send me off into a creative dream-land!!! Loving your new art … can’t wait to see more!!!!


  2. Agreed, oils are much easier to blend with but I find the long working time is a huge setback. It’s too bad there wasn’t a skull or something cool lying around but you did a great job here. Keep going!


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