Almost blind drawing but totally wonderful day

I would like to share with you my experience of a trip to Victoria and Albert museum.  V&A is a HUGE building with large galleries showing art, sculpture and paintings from around the world. No wonder, you say considering that this is  the world’s greatest museum  of art and design.  But surely you need a couple of  weeks  to see it all.victoria albert museum london

Last week, equipped with box of pastels and papers I was determined to capture at least some of those interesting exhibits.

The purpose of my visit was to study colour schemes of the old cultures rather than produce perfect drawings. What I didn´t expect was that the museum was pretty dark. I could hardly see what pastels I was using. The whole procedure  drawing almost blind resulted in sketches which were a surprise even for their author :).  But still, I spent a great day in V&A.

First I saw an interesting collection of Japanese art and design including  ceramics, textiles and dress, prints, paintings, sculpture etc. Then I stopped at the  Asian  section where I  studied a  neat piece of fabric (below).

20141010_124014I chose a part of the fabric to make a quick coloured sketch.  While drawing I was taking notes about colours.

dědečkovéLater I observed a splendidly painted Asian vase:

VaseI was amazed by the glass collection. To make the glass really stand out I worked on a black pastel paper.

skleněná váza zelená


The V&A museum is a paradise for art lovers. I warmly recommend you to visit it if you haven´t already done so.

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